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TG Rot-Weiss eV Düren

The tennis company Rot-Weiss eV Düren was founded in 1926 initially as a non-incorporated club, then in 1928 as a registered club.



In October 1970  the facility, which was initially built with seven seats and a hall as well as a spacious clubhouse with a separate apartment, was unofficially put into operation.


1971  the entire sports operations were then relocated to the new facility. This was followed by the construction of places 8 and 9 as well as the training area 10. The hall was later expanded by 2 places. The club benefited significantly from the fact that tennis developed into a popular sport. The fact that the club was equipped for the subsequent storm of members was due not least to the relocation of the club to its current position, which was largely driven by Ernst Günter Hamanns.


The club now had more than 700 members. In the context of the general decline in the number of active tennis athletes, the club has meanwhile  currently 438 members, plus 9 members of a founded squash department.



Post-Ford-Sportverein eV

The club was founded in 1930 under the name Postportgemeinschaft Düren 1930.


In 1998 the club was renamed Post- und Telekom-Sportverein Düren 1930 eV (PTSV) by a membership resolution. The division of the Deutsche Bundespost into Post, Postbank and Telekom should also be reflected in the association's name.


The Ford Düren tennis club was founded in 1976 and had its sports facilities and club house on the premises of the former Ford subsidiary Visteon. Since this site was to be sold in the course of the realignment of the Visteon Group, the facilities of the TC Ford had to be abandoned in 2005.



The situation at the PTSV at that time was characterized by a sharp decline in membership.

Under these circumstances, the boards of both clubs saw the merger as the ideal prerequisite for securing long-term sports operations on the PTSV facility.


The members of both associations followed the ideas of the board members and decided to merge in October 2006. The club then received its current name Post-Ford-Sportverein Düren e. V.

The PFSV is a member of the  Ford-Freizeit-Organization eV


Düren Turnverein 1847 eV

The Düren Turnverein 1847 eV, with almost 4,000 members, is by far the largest sports club in the Düren region.


The goals of the association are to offer high-quality sports and leisure activities for all age groups, to promote the development of children and young people through sport, to improve the health of the members, to take on social responsibility and to create an environment that goes beyond sport Enables people to meet and organize leisure activities independently.


We try to achieve this through a wide range of offers, trained trainers and instructors, a good infrastructure at club facilities and cooperation with social institutions and schools.


We think that everyone in the gymnastics club in Düren can pursue a sporting activity. There is a wide range of activities in individual sports such as gymnastics, gymnastics, jazz dance, tennis, athletics, badminton and swimming as well as in the team sports volleyball and handball. Whether competitive sport, mass sport, health sport ... there is something for everyone. Other leisure activities such as the summer pool, canoeing / sailing or beach sports complete the offer.


  • Free entry 

  • Match of the day daily at 4 p.m. (PFSV) & 6 p.m. (RW Düren)

  • Game starts daily at 9 a.m.

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